10 Bamboo Products that will help to reduce your plastic usage

Bamboo being a miracle material can replace your plastic products easily. This list of bamboo products will let you live sustainably.
bamboo products

We have been relying on plastic as a raw material for almost all of our everyday products. Plastic is non-biodegradable and a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions too.

Then why are we stuck in this loop that’s not sustainable at all?

The two reasons we could figure out are- affordability and availability. It’s very easy to get our hands on plastic products as they are widely available and are light on our pockets.

And to disrupt this loop, we have a miracle material- bamboo. It is a sustainable material that is affordable and will be widely available only if we as consumers start demanding it.

Why Bamboo?

  • Bamboo is a replenishable grass, which requires only 3-4 years to reach maturity.
  • It doesn’t need any pesticide and can thrive in extreme environmental conditions too.
  • Releases 35% more oxygen and traps almost double Co2 than trees.
  • Bamboo is strong and durable and is being used from the construction industry to the fashion industry.

Now do you believe bamboo is a miracle product and should be used as an alternate to plastic?

With the sustainable minds working in the industry, we have several plastic products being replaced by bamboo. Below list explains these products available in India in detail.

Eco-friendly Bamboo Products for a Sustainable Living

Conventional toothbrush is entirely made of plastic. It might take centuries to fully decompose a plastic toothbrush.

Whereas the one made from bamboo is biodegradable and can be composted after its usage.

But it’s important to know that majority of the bamboo toothbrushes available in the market have nylon bristles which are non-biodegradable. So whenever you compost a bamboo brush, don’t forget to trim out the bristles as only its handle is compostable.

Bamboo toothbrushes don’t go per claims of being 100% biodegradable but they still save lot of plastic from ending up in landfills.

Though earbud is not an everyday used item but being small in size and low in quality they are never recycled.

The usual plastic buds can easily be replaced with one made from bamboo, as they are biodegradable or can be simply composted at your home only.

Tissues available in the market are biodegradable but they have been causing deforestation. Where bamboo is a more sustainable option than wood, it is better to buy tissues made from bamboo.

You can find reusable kitchen towels and disposable tissues made from bamboo.

Pro Tip: For a more sustainable option, use cotton cloth- it can be used for many cycles without investing in a one-time use tissue.

4. Bamboo Fabric

With the rise in awareness about the impacts of fashion industry, majority of the conscious shoppers are shifting towards sustainable fabric.

Fabric made from bamboo is a sustainable and better option than organic cotton.

Carrying your own cutlery while traveling will save you from a lot of plastic consumption.

And to avoid the same, you may find travel cutlery options made from wood, bamboo and steel. Bamboo cutlery is a more sustainable option than one made from wood.

You can even prefer to choose one that’s made from steel, as it is reusable and will be a one-time buy option only.

Comb made from bamboo is the best alternative to a plastic comb. It is cheap, easy to maintain, has a long life and is biodegradable.

Remember, combs made from bamboo are the most basic type, if you are willing to target a specific scalp condition then go for neem wood combs.

Pouring hot liquid in plastic mugs or bottles increases the chance of leaching harmful chemicals from your container.

Keep this risk of contaminating your drinks at bay by choosing eco-friendly bamboo mugs and bamboo bottles. You can also find customized bamboo and stainless steel containers as per your needs.  

Bamboo boards are maintenance-free and do not warp or crack easily like normal wood boards.

To make your bamboo board last longer try not to sink it into water and clean with a moist cloth only.

If you are planning to buy a new razor, then prefer one which is made from bamboo. This sustainable alternate will not alter your shaving results but can be a boon for the environment.

10. Speaker

Though you may find a variety of bamboo speakers online, but we didn’t like the ones we tested. Hence there are no specific recommendations for bamboo speakers from our team.

But if you know one that works just best to amplify the sound do share it with us.

Switching onto these bamboo products might be the smallest step for you, but can heal the planet to a great extent.

Only we can create the demand for sustainable products like we created for plastic products. Every effort of ours can convince many to follow the path of sustainability and help this planet heal better.


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