4 Sustainable alternatives to paper cups

Paper cups are not recyclable or biodegradable. We need to switch to sustainable alternatives to paper cups.
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Are we talking about alternatives to paper cups? Weren’t paper cups biodegradable already? Do we need to stop consuming paper cups? The answer to these questions is that traditional paper cups are not sustainable. In the name of sustainability, we are offered something that is neither recyclable nor biodegradable. We need to look for sustainable alternatives to paper cups.

While at home, you can sip your favourite beverage from a mug, which is reusable. But what about parties or about those specific outlets where paper cups are still used as an eco-friendly option? Just like sustainable food packaging options, now we have a sustainable alternative to single-use paper cups also. Here we have listed the options you can rely on for your next eco-friendly sip.

Sustainable alternatives to paper cups

Traditional paper cups come with a plastic lining (majorly HDPE), which makes them difficult to recycle or bio-degrade, unless and until a special facility is offered to do the same. But this world needs a better alternative to paper cups that can be degraded, doesn’t use harmful chemicals, and doesn’t harm natural resources.

1. Sugarcane pulp (Bagasse) cups

These cups are made from waste fibre after extracting the sugar cane juice. Bagasse paper cups can handle hot, cold, or oily food with ease. Not only paper cups, but a wide range of other sustainable food packaging options are also available now. A few Indian brands where you can get sugarcane pulp based cups are:

2. PLA lined bio plastic cups

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PLA is now the most common raw material found in the majority of recyclable coffee cups. Bioplastics are made up entirely of PLA material. They are recyclable and biodegradable, but not ideal for composting. And hence, bioplastic cups are our last preference. But there are a few brands that sell compostable and biodegradable PLA lined cups. These specific brands selling compostable bioplastic cups are-

3. Edible cup

Zero waste, zero plastic, compostable & biodegradable, everything offered under one name, “edible cutlery”. What majorly bothers me is wont the flavours of the cutlery get mixed with the liquid in it? Or maybe just a vanilla-flavored or chocolate-lined cup will be the best for coffee. OK, I will stop drooling and you can grab these edible cups from here-

4. Palm leaves

The leaf sheath of Areca palm is a hard biodegradable fibrous material and is gaining popularity in the biodegradable cutlery industry. Products made from areca leaf are home compostable and are safe to use. Look for below few options to grab your palm leaf cup

You can choose the most suitable product for your needs from above listed options. And with the advancement in technology, we believe this list is definitely not the limit. If you are aware of other sustainable alternatives to paper cups, then reach out to us so that we can spread the awareness to our eco-conscious community.


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