5 all-natural products for an eco-friendly cleaning

These 5 eco-friendly products from your kitchen will give your home a chemical-free cleaning and also will be extremely light on your pocket.

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For many reasons, we have been relying on chemical cleaners for our everyday cleaning purposes. Not only are they extremely toxic for the environment but cause unexpected health issues too.

But why invest in costly market bought non-biodegradable home cleaners when you can already make one at your home as per your needs, with the majority of the items easily available on your kitchen shelf.

Next time you plan to buy a cleaner for your home, prefer to explore your kitchen space for these eco-friendly cleaners as a perfect alternate for store-bought chemicals.

1. Lemon

High in citric acid and low pH level, lemons are believed to be the best natural cleaners. They are also rich in anti-bacterial properties and make surroundings odor-free.

Usage: Use diluted lemon in a spray bottle for the usual, not so stubborn stains. Mix 3tbsp of lemon juice in 1 cup of water and use it with a spray bottle or dab a cloth in this liquid for soil removal.

For hard buildups like over faucets, dunk lemon in salt and scrub the affected place to get a clean shiny surface back again.

Care: Don’t use lemon on marble and brass-plated surfaces, though it can be used for shining real brass and copper surface. But can damage brass-plated ones.

2. White vinegar

Another non-toxic and eco-friendly item easily available in your home. Distilled white vinegar is a weak acetic acid, which can easily be used to clean every nook of your home.

Usage: Mix one part vinegar with two parts of water to clean glasses, tabletops etc. For scum buildups, you can increase the quantity of vinegar in water and let this mixture sit on the spot for an hour and proceed with rubbing and cleaning the surface.

Though white vinegar has a strong odor and will after cleaning even. You may choose to mix a few drops of essential oils to combat this odor.

Care: Avoid using vinegar on stone surfaces, hardwood floors and iron utensils. Using vinegar on them can take away their surface texture and shine.

3. Bio-Enzymes

They are eco-friendly natural cleaners, which can easily be made at home. Away from all types of toxic chemicals, you can easily make a bio-enzyme at your home.

Usage: This cheap, easy-to-make solution can fight bad odor, stain, limescale and can be used for your everyday cleaning. This is also used as a fertilizer for plants and a washing solution for your pets.

You can mix soapnut powder in this solution and use it for cleaning utensils too. If you do not wish to make one on your own, you can buy it from here too. 

Care: Avoid using vinegar on stone surfaces, hardwood floors and iron utensils. Using vinegar on them can take away their surface texture and shine.

4. Baking soda

eco-friendly cleaning agent

Used this ingredient in the preparation of cookies or cakes? But I am sure, you are well aware of the usage of this product for cleaning purposes. This product is used in India for cleaning for ages.  

UsageUse baking soda on stubborn stains. A medium consistency paste of soda with water can help to remove all the stains of your oven, faucets, bathroom floors etc. You can add vinegar or salt to make the process efficient. 

5. Castile soap

eco-friendly cleaning agent

This is an eco-friendly cleaner, made from vegetable oils and sodium carbonate. You can easily buy castile soap online or from your local market. 

UsageThis can be used as dish soap, for your laundry, as an all-purpose cleaner, as a body wash and as a pet cleaner too. Read how to use castile soap for a detailed explanation of its usage.

Care: Don’t mix castile soap with acids like lemon or vinegar; it will leave a curdled solution behind. Also, don’t use it with hard water otherwise, you will be left to use vinegar to clean the residual scum. 

These 5 products are saviors if you are choosing to go for an all-natural cleaner. You can always experiment with the ratios to adjust per your requirement.

If you know any other miracle product as a cleaner then don’t forget to share with us!

Together we can save this planet.

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