5 Zero-Waste Toothpastes for sustainable living

Being a part of a sustainably conscious society, switch to these zero-waste toothpastes that are a sustainable alternative to conventional toothpaste.
Zero-waste toothpaste in India

Maintaining good dental hygiene is important. But is it really important to use harmful chemicals to keep our teeth healthy?

The conventional toothpaste we use is infused with toxic chemicals that are impactful to our health and to the environment. In the majority of cases, you may not even find a complete list of the ingredients on the label of the toothpaste.

Not only harmful chemicals, but toothpaste also contain microbeads. These micro-sized plastics enter the drain and are hard to filter out and become a part of the food chain.

As you know, toothpaste tubes are made from plastic and aluminum. Separating these layers becomes difficult during recycling. Resultant each year 1.5billion toothpaste tubes end up in landfills globally.

So for what purpose are we using these traditional toothpastes when they are equally harmful to health and the environment?

But being part of a sustainably conscious society, today we have sustainable alternates to the conventional toothpaste that will take care of dental hygiene and the environment too.

Best zero-waste, chemical-free toothpastes

These 5 alternates to traditional toothpastes are easily available in India and are recommended by our team. Not to forget, these are not the replacement to your dentist recommended toothpaste. For any dental problem, please go by your dentist recommendations only.

Available in tablet form, denttabs is a sustainable alternative to conventional toothpaste. It is zero-waste, plastic-free and vegan and doesn’t contain any micro-plastics.

Denttabs come in compostable packaging and is also available in a wide range of natural flavors. Processing in tablet form requires no water as compared to traditional paste which is 50% water.

To use it, you just need to bite-chew-brush-rinse. One can opt for fluoride-infused tablets as per their preference.

Made from baking soda, coconut and essential oils, Bare Necessities ensured to take care of your teeth along with the environment.

Their sustainable toothpaste is delivered in a glass jar, which can be re-used or can also be returned to avail discounts on further purchases.

ReEarth’s hand-crafted products are assured to be vegan and chemical-free. A variety of flavored toothpaste is available with them and all are offered in glass jars.

Their toothpastes have coconut oil and essential oil as base ingredients and the rest natural ingredients vary as required.

You can grab more of their sustainable products on their website for waste-free living.

Organic B’s tooth powder is infused with charcoal which has antibacterial properties. Its all-natural ingredients are charcoal coconut powder, baking soda, bentonite clay, stevia, cinnamon and essential oils. It claims to clean, detoxify and whiten your teeth effectively.

It’s recommended to use tooth powder with their organic charcoal-infused toothbrush for better results.

5. Homemade DIY Recipe

If you are really aiming for zero waste toothpaste, then what can be better than making one at your home on your own? You can track down all the ingredients, can alter them as per your own requirements and this homemade recipe will be light on your pocket too.

You can make one for yourself by following the recipe here.

All these natural toothpastes don’t lather. It may initially take time for you to get adjusted to it but may contribute a lot in long run. Also, these chemical-free toothpastes will make your teeth and gum feel healthier than before.


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