Child Climate-Change Activists fighting for the betterment of this planet

These Indian child climate-change activists are fighting against the government, policies, and companies to bring the change this world needs.

Glaciers are melting, weather patterns are changing, and this cannot be neglected. Big companies are the major polluters, but neither their practices are regulated nor any action is ever taken against them. Someone has to raise their voice and highlight what’s needed for the betterment of this planet.

When the grown-ups see this, speak for it, and demand the changes, it calls for the required action. But when you notice the young generation, that probably spends their childhood playing and studying, when they stand for climate change, this is alarming and calls for the world to awaken and think about what the future of this planet is.

These Indian child climate-change activists are fighting against the government, policies, and companies to bring the change this world needs. Read about them here.

Licypriya Kangujam, 11

child climate-change activist

In July 2018, she first attended the United Nations Disaster Conference in Mangolia. She then launched “The Licypriya Foundation” and “The Child Movement” for climate justice and children’s rights.

It was in February 2019 that she protested to pass the climate change law and make climate education compulsory.

Not only this, she has also insisted on official support for the Taj Mahal cleanup and confronted the UK prime minister at the COP27 summit about the UK climate activists who were detained because of climate-change protests.

Riddhima Pandey, 15

It was in 2013, when Uttarakhand floods claimed many lives and impacted habitat.Riddhima then enquired about all this from her father and came to know about climate change. She then took the road to save the planet, and in 2017, she filed a petition with the National Green Tribunal against the government of India to take action against the use of fossil fuels and the rapidly changing climate.

She also filed a lawsuit against five countries in UN’s Conventions on the Rights of the Child in 2019.

She’s working to create awareness among the young generation regarding the climate crisis.

Haaziq Kazi, 16

Young climate-change activist

He is a climate change activist and innovator who gave his first Ted Talk at the age of 12. Troubled with the impacts plastic is having on marine life, he first created a prototype ship in 4th grade that could extract the plastic from the ocean’s surface. He launched the Ervis Foundation to create awareness around plastic pollution.

Read more about the ship here.

These child climate activists are working to solve the problems that others created. Whether willingly or unwillingly, the more ignorant we are about climate change, the closer we are to disaster.

One thing that we need to understand is that we are consumers; we are the demand creators. Only when we begin to demand what is best for us and the planet will we see changes. Writing policies on documents really doesn’t bring any change.

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