DIY: Recycle paper at home with these easy steps

paper recycling steps
Paper recycling is fun and can be done as a playful activity at home with your kids. Recycle paper with these easy steps.

Every time you look out for a new greeting card or seek out ways to deal with paper waste, you are at the right place. If you have old newspapers or other unwanted or trashy paper, recycle it instead of throwing it away. This can give the paper a more handmade and personalised touch.

What do you need?

Waste paper ofcourse


A blender


Molds to shape the paper

And cloth or sponge


Handmade paper
  • Tear the paper into small pieces and let it soak in water for 2–3 hours. This will give it a smoother consistency (prefer to soak it in warm water). At this stage, you shouldn’t be worried about the quantity of water. Just make sure that you don’t get a thick consistency.
  • Transfer the pulp into a grinder and grind it till you get a properly blended mixture. If you want to avoid grinding, then keep the paper soaked for a day and later mash it with your hands.
  • Now, pour out this mixture into a large bowl. And let’s prepare the mold.
  • For mold, you need to have a mesh attached to the mold. So, if you don’t have the desired-shaped mesh, then you can attach a cotton mesh or old cotton cloth to the mold. Remember to keep this sturdy so the paper doesn’t get displaced. Also, attaching the amazon link, if you want to buy one.
  • Now place this mold in the paper pulp and slowly pull it upwards to strain out the water. Or you can also pour the pulp into this mold. but remember to keep the thickness consistent.
  • At this point, you can also add in some dried petals to make it more pleasing.
  • Finally, keep another cloth over the strained paper or mold to absorb excess water. You can also use sponge at this stage to absorb the excess water. Pressing here will also provide a consistent thickness.
  • Let it air dry, and your recycled paper is ready to be used.

Please note that the final colour may depend a lot on the colour mixture you used initially. White paper after recycling is mainly achieved by bleaching. So here you can prefer to choose the combinations as per the desired color preference.

We understand this is just a fun activity. But if you have a bulk of paper and you are wondering what to do with it, then give it to these waste paper recycling startups.

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