DIY: Repurpose old clothes to make a rug

Old, torn-out clothes aren't meant to be dumped. You can upycle them in creative ways to make the best out it. One way is shown here to make a simple yet beautiful rug from your textile scrap.
repurpose old clothes to make a rug

Thinking about what to do with old shirts, tees, sarees, or other clothing that has just torn off with time? You definitely cannot donate these but can repurpose these old clothes to make a new product that will have life, will be useful to you, and won’t cost you a bit.

Here I am talking about making rag rugs for your home.

What I love the most about this upcycling method is that I can choose any material, any color, and still have the result come out perfect. So gather all of the textile scraps you can find and learn how to repurpose them to make a beautiful rug. 

What you need?

upcycle old t-shirts

Old clothes- Any fabric with any color, that’s simply a waste for you

A pair of scissors

A Jersey needle & thread to sew

Let’s begin with cutting old cloths to make rugs

To make a rug, you need to have 1 inch wide strips of old clothes.

If you have a t-shirt that’s sewn from both ends, then remove the seam from one end and cut the required width strips.

I would recommend you not remove any seams and cut the cloth spirally to get a long seam-less strip. (Just like you go on peeling an orange 😛 )

You might need 3 such strips to make a braid.

Tip: Leave no part unused.  Even if you get small strips, you can simply sew their ends together and use it.

Time to make a braid

When you have 3 strips, make a knot at one end to keep them intact. You can also sew it to get a more finished look.

Now simply make a braid out of these strips. You can choose more varied colors or place them as required.

Roll & Roll: Let's Give it the final look

When you have got a long braid, then simply start coiling it in circles to get a circular rug. Or you can also arrange it in an oval shape to get an oval rug.

Though the final shape is entirely up to you, you simply need to align it in the desired shape and hand-sew the braids together.

Your simple DIY rug is ready!!

You can have a varied pattern, color, fabric, shape & size of your choice.

No-sew rug methods are also available, but realizing the complexity of it, I have shared here the easiest way for you to make a rug.

If you are looking for a no-sew method, then you can also refer to this tutorial, which I came across and felt to be a comparatively easy one.

Remember to only use torn off clothes, as other old clothes that are in good condition can be donated to a good cause.

You can also check out other ways to upcycle your old clothes to promote sustainability.


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