Looking to donate old clothes in India? Check this list.

Have Clothes in a good condition that can be donated? Look for these perfect options to donate your old clothes.
best places to donate cloths in india

Every season, you seek to restock your wardrobe to meet the latest fashion trends. And to make up the space, you choose to remove the old clothing.

That one piece of clothing you bought has depleted enough natural resources during its production. And now, if you choose to dump it, it will again settle in a landfill and cause more harm than you can expect.

The fashion industry has definitely kept you going with the latest trends, but the fashion that is pleasing your eyes is harming the environment in enormous ways.

Be mindful of what type of clothing you decide to buy and what and when you decide to discard it.

Every item you no longer need can be upcycled to give it a new lease on life, or it can be given to someone in need.

If that clothing is still in good condition and can be worn by someone else, then donate your old clothes to someone who is in need of them.

Check out these 3 best options when you think about where to donate clothing in India.

Based out of Gurgaon, CBF was started with a mission to provide clothes to the unprivileged segment of society. And with an increase in the number of donations, they started upcycling clothes, which generated employment as well. You can either choose to get your clothes delivered to them or you can avail a pickup facility as well.

Reach: Pan India

Contact: Drop a message on website, Instagram, WhatsApp or Facebook.

Have old furniture, books, or any other item in your home that you don’t need and wish to donate? Then Share at door step is the perfect place for you. Just schedule a pickup from their official website and they will deliver your product to the best-suited NGO. They charge a minimal convenience fee for your pickup.

Reach: Pan India

Contact:  Drop a message on website, Instagram, WhatsApp or Facebook or can also reach out on: 8884784742

It’s a single point where you can donate all your old belongings. Remember, the things you donate must be in good condition to be easily used by anyone else. Simply schedule a pickup time and location and they will do the rest for you. You can also buy recycled, upcycled, and handmade products from their website.

Reach: Pan India

Contact: Drop a message on website, Instagram, WhatsApp or Facebook

Your donation can bring a smile to many faces. Supporting the cause can prevent your clothes from ending up in landfills and can also provide meaning to someone’s life.

But we always advise you to buy as required. Keeping up with fashion trends harms the environment and exploits workers employed in the fashion industry. Your cautious buying can save the environment as well as control your expenses.


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