Easy eco-friendly DIY products for your sustainable home

Sustainability begins at home. Try these eco-friendly DIY products to live a sustainable lifestyle.
eco-friendly DIY products

To leave a minimum impact on the environment, we need to learn to switch to eco-friendly or reusable alternatives. Every time you buy a new product, you have an impact on the environment in a variety of ways.

We as consumers create the demands, and when we cut back on these demands, fewer products will be brought to the market. There are products available in our home that can be recycled or repurposed and will reduce our dependency on market-bought chemical-infused products.

These simple, eco-friendly DIY products will help you adopt a more sustainable lifestyle and reduce your reliance on store-bought goods. 

Eco-friendly DIY products

1. Make rug from old cloths

Have old torn off clothes? Upcycle those clothes to make rugs for your home. The best part about this DIY is that you can use any type or colour of fabric you have on hand and still get the best results.

2. Insecticides

Maintaining a garden or even having indoor plants needs to be taken care of. But these beautiful plants act as a host to many flies and insects. To combat this, you can use neem oil or vegetable oil. Simply combine 1 tablespoon of preferred oil with 1 tablespoon of castile soap, then dilute with water.Spray it on your plants to get rid of bugs.

3. Toothpaste

DIY Chemical free toothpaste

Toothpaste tubes are made from plastic and aluminium and are difficult to recycle. You can easily make eco-friendly toothpaste at home. Or you can also switch to zero-waste toothpaste products.

4. Lip Balm

homemade organic lip balm

Heal your dry, chapped lips with homemade lip balms. This simple DIY lip-balm recipe will last longer, be lighter on your pocket, and be chemical-free as well.

5. Home cleaner

You don’t need to buy market-available chemical-laden cleaners. Vinegar and citrus peels are the best cleaners for your home and are easily available in every household as well. Look here for 5 all-natural cleaners for eco-friendly cleaning.

6. Gift wrappings

Gift wrapping only carries that aesthetic importance, which can be achieved by other alternatives as well. You really don’t need plastic gift wrap to make your gift sufficiently presentable. These DIY sustainable gift wrapping ideas are ideal for your next gifting occasion.

7. Makeup removal pads

reusable makeup removal pad

Cotton is biodegradable but not eco-friendly; its farming uses a lot of water and chemicals. And dumping millions of makeup removal pads in landfills is doing no good. Rather, you can switch to reusable makeup removal pads or make a reusable crochet makeup removal pad.

8. DIY castile soap cleaning products

Castile soap is a vegan and eco-friendly option for everyday cleaning and washing requirements. One purchase can solve all your daily cleaning problems. Then, you might not have to invest in other cleaning products. Read this article to know 10 uses of castile soap in your daily routine.

Adopting an eco-friendly lifestyle is not difficult. Start by targeting one product at a time. Eco-friendly alternatives do exist; you just have to be cautious about your choices.


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