Eco-friendly Food packaging brands in India

Looking for disposable plates for your next dinner party? Switch to these eco-friendly tableware brands and leave no impact on the environment.
paper cups are harmful

Disposable tableware might be a big relief for you—just use it and dump it. The global disposable cutlery market stands at a value of 2.6 billion USD, which is just expanding.

This single-use cutlery that is entirely made of plastic is non-biodegradable. And if this market is still projected to grow, then that’s definitely a sign of warning for the environment!

To make your tasks easier, you can still rely on disposable tableware, but this time, just choose eco-friendly tableware. That might be comforting for you and for the environment as well.

Choose these Indian brands for bio-degradable cutlery for your next party

Eco-friendly cutlery is aesthetically pleasing and is affordable as well. These brands are here to offer the best sustainable tableware.

1. Ecoware

Founded in 2010, Ecoware provides a variety of sustainable food packaging options like bowls, cups, cutlery and plates. All their products are made from crop waste and are compostable and biodegradable as well. You can purchase these products from their official website.

2. Chuk

Using sugarcane residue to make eco-friendly tableware, Chuk has successfully revolutionised the tableware market. Apart from being bio-degradable, their products are microwavable as well. You can buy their products from Amazon and Blinkit. And for bulk quantities, you can enquire here.

3. Evirocor

They make their products from Oko-brand’s own patented sustainable packaging material. Their manufacturing process also claims to have reduced CO2 emissions by up to 95% to a comparative material. A wide range of Evirocor’s products are suitable for both wet and dry foods.

4. Pappco Greenware

Pappco greenware is another brand that offers sustainable and microwave-safe packaging options made from sugarcane pulp. Their unique product range is comprised of coffee cups, containers, cutlery, paper bags & pizza boxes.

5. Bio Box India

This startup, founded in 2018, aims to provide alternatives to single-use plastic by using areca palm leaves or paper. You can shop for dinner sets, plates, trays, bowls, and cutlery from them.

Bio Box India’s products are suitable to handle liquid foods as well and are quite affordable as well.

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6. Econus

Founded in 2014, Econus is another brand offering you areca leaf products. The plus factor they serve is that their products are microwave-safe as well. These products can amp up your aesthetic game while being sustainable.

Other companies that sell bagasse-made sustainable tableware include Dinearth and Adaamya.

These brands are revolutionizing the disposable tableware market. Now you need to switch to better eco-friendly choices to live a sustainable life.