5 ideas for creative eco-friendly gift wrapping

Shimmery plastic wraps were a thing of the past. Try these eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas for attractive yet subtle packaging.
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Who does not love gifts? We are always curious to unwrap it to know what’s in there for us. We are definitely excited to reveal the surprise, but the wrap? It anyhow ends up in bins, and apart from being aesthetically pleasing, it has no role to play.

These wraps are nothing but microplastics, here to surprise you with the gift and then with the hazards they bring.

So let’s retain the aesthetics and move to eco-friendly gift wrapping options, and enjoy the presents without harming the planet.

Eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas to explore

1. Newspaper & magazines

Source: Pinterest

No! Newspapers are not boring when used as wrapping. You can paint it, and you can also add cutouts from magazines to make it interesting. It will give you a subtle, but vintage look.

Maybe you can try more fun gift-wrapping shapes with newspaper like that of a toffee or ball shaped wrapping. 

2. Cloth wrapping

Furoshiki technique: Pinterest

A scarf, a handkerchief, an old piece of cloth, a printed one, or one with a gradient—you really have many options for fabric wrapping. And to enhance the look, you can wrap it the Furoshiki way. This is an old Japanese technique of folding cloth into various shapes and sizes. This can also be a fun activity to try with kids.

3. Kraft paper

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Kraft paper is a better alternative than any other type of paper. It consumes fewer resources in manufacturing, and this paper can be recycled or reused as well. Also, you can add your own illustrations, messages, and motifs over the wrapping.

To enhance the eco-friendliness factor, you can use self-adhesive Kraft papers to avoid any further usage of ribbons for tying.

4. Biodegradable tape or Twine

Though we have always suggested saying “no” to conventional ribbons for gift wrapping, but if needed, you can go for biodegradable tapes or twine. You can also get your name customised on these degradable tapes to add a more personal touch.

And for sustainable twine, go for one that’s made from jute. Natural jute twine looks more pleasing and can go with any type of wrapping paper.

5. Repurpose bags

If you have bags at home from shopping or other purchases, why not use them for your next gift wrapping? You can decorate these bags with cutouts from magazines or with flowers and leaves, and you can also add handmade notes to get that perfect look.

You can also try combinations, like layering a box with Kraft paper and tying it up with jute twine, and at last adding a personal message note. The choice is yours. But you still have many eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas to try and many reasons to avoid those plastic wraps.