Eco-friendly tape: Sustainable alternative to plastic tape

Plastic tapes can’t be a thing of the future. Look here for eco-friendly tape options for sealing.

It’s astounding how plastic is there in everything we buy. Here, the government talks only about banning single-use plastic, but it has already become a part of this ecosystem. We are the consumers, and companies serve us with plastic products as if without them we could not have even existed.

Although we have looked for sustainable alternatives to daily-use plastic products, here we want to talk about eco-friendly tape as well. It might not be a part of your daily routine and might have missed your attention as well, but here we are bringing in the best alternatives to plastic tape.

Why do you need to stop using plastic tapes?

Plastic tapes are heavily consumed by businesses, and this tape, when used on paper, makes paper non-recyclable as well. Conventional tapes are made from PP or PVC, which are toxic and non-biodegradable. Even if used rarely or daily, our sustainable lifestyle needs eco-friendly tape as well.

Sustainable alternatives to plastic tape

Look for these perfect alternatives to plastic tape for your next environmentally conscious purchase.

1. Paper tapes

Eco-friendly kraft paper self-adhesive tapes are perfect for business purposes. It has a strong hold and a longer life as well. Brands selling this also let you customise it with your preferred message. These tapes are recyclable and biodegradable as well, and you can also compost them at home.

2. Washi Tape

These masking tapes used to be a part of school assignments or craft work. These tapes are generally made from bamboo or hemp and are recyclable and biodegradable.

3. Water activated tape

This is made from white or tan paper with a starch-based adhesive. Water needs to be applied to this tape for activation of the starch-based adhesive. Manual or automatic dispensers are available with these tapes for better results.

biodegradable tape

4. Zero waste tape

We suggest going for this for festive or other personal gift exchanges. Here you can ditch the conventional sealing method and opt for jute twine, old laces, or fabrics to make a knot on your gift wrappings.

Just like you are aware of eco-friendly tape, spread this awareness to others so that we all together can help this planet heal better.


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