10 startups using Hemp to fuel green India

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In addition to expanding the hemp market globally, Indian hemp startups are accelerating it. Here are 10 of the most innovative and promising startups using Hemp to power up their green revolution.

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There’s a new green revolution happening in India, and Hemp powers it.

Hemp is one of the oldest crops on the planet, and its versatile nature makes it perfect for several applications. Here we will look at 10 startups using Hemp to fuel green India. We’ll explore how Hemp is helping to improve the environmental legacy of India, create new jobs and solve some of the country’s most pressing problems.


In addition to expanding the hemp market globally, Indian hemp startups are accelerating it. Let’s learn more about the crop and its market before we go further in our list of India’s top 10 hemp startups.


Hemp and marijuana are not the same, despite what you may think. The active tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in marijuana is low in industrial Hemp, which has a high fibre content. The confusion between marijuana and industrial Hemp arises due to visual similarities between two completely different types of plants, according to the Agricultural Market Research Centre (AMRC) studies.


This hardy plant has long been a fixture of Indian culture. It was first mentioned in the Vedas and described as one of the five sacred plants. Hemp is well recognized for religious ceremonies and being used to make strong cloth. For its healing and soothing qualities, hemp oil is used in various natural oils and cosmetics.

Hemp based startups of India

Here are 10 of the most innovative and promising startups using Hemp to power up their green revolution.

Hempsters in Hyderabad

Hempsters understands how to use hemp seed oil in cosmetics and body care items, which it does expertly. Hempsters sells natural, handcrafted hemp products to its customers. Every single product contains hemp seed oil in some capacity. From soaps to body butters to lip balms and lotions, all products are made with top-quality hemp seed oil.

Satliva in Bangalore

Based in Bangalore, Satliva is a hemp store. The Himalayan foothills provide them with their raw material. Their product line, made entirely of hemp oil blended with other essential cold-pressed oils, is of the greatest quality and chemical-free. Nature is the finest nurturer, and that is the company’s motto. They want to bring sustainability into people’s homes. Check out the company’s website for a fantastic skin and body care product selection.

Vedi In Bhubaneswar

Hemp is combined with Ayurveda to produce Vedi‘s goods. It supports the development of Hemp products by connecting them with Ayurveda. Vedi strives to expand on the Ayurvedic base of India by using Hemp. To create its Ayurvedic and 100% vegetarian drugs, the business employs the finest quality Cannabis. Vedi’s drugs have been important in organizing the hemp movement in the nation, and they are healthy, sustainable, and safe.

GreenJams in Vizag

Because of its ideology of doing business in a manner that helps preserve the environment, GreenJams is considered the most unique on this list. GreenJams developed “Hempcrete,” which is hemp concrete, in collaboration with the Hemp movement. Hemp is a lightweight material that offers energy efficiency and thermal comfort in addition to its natural benefits to the body. GreenJams has been pushing its products forward to make them widely popular for the last two years and is easily recognized as the face of the industry’s changing building. By visiting its website, you can learn more about the firm’s role in transforming India’s hemp sector.

Namrata Hemp Company in Bangalore

Industrial hemp cultivation in the southern region of India has been heavily promoted by this Bangalore-based startup, which was founded in 2016. Harshavardhan Redi Srirupa and Namrata Reddy Srirupa, the founders of Namrata Hemp Company (NHempCo), have been working to develop a hemp-sourcing platform for tiny and big firms to make hemp-based items for the state governments. Hemp in textiles, building, vehicle-component, health, and food industries are expected to be processed more quickly using the platform.

B.E Hemp In Bangalore

In the year 2013, Elston Menezes and Benson Martins established B.E Hemp. The company’s main products are flops, dreamcatchers, bags, belts, wallets, and other Hemp-based goods. In addition, this firm sells edible hemp protein powder and seeds from its base in Bangalore. The company sells most of its goods online through its e-commerce site, social media accounts, and farmer’s markets across Nepal.

Hemp Cann in Bhubaneswar

Sorab Agarwal, a Bhubaneswar-based businessman, came up with the idea for Hemp Cann. The company has imported Hemp products like tea, oil, and protein powder from countries with legal industrial Hemp, such as Canada. Agarwal intends to launch cannabis plant cultivation in Orissa as soon as the government permits hemp growth.

Health Horizons in Delhi

Health Horizons is one of India’s most successful hemp companies. Hemp oil, body creams, and shampoos are available for sale. The firm intends to make ecological and natural hemp goods more common in the mainstream consumer market. On its website, this fledgling firm publishes new recipes using hemp oil and hemp seeds in addition to developing products.

Bombay Hemp Company (BOHECO) in Mumbai

BOHECO is a well-known Indian hemp business that has made sustainability its trademark. ‘Educate,’ according to the company’s tagline. Cultivate the soil by adding compost or manure. The brand has transformed a nearly nine-thousand-year-old display plant in the Himalayan area into a sustainable power for the future, utilizing Motivate. In every sense, the firm is about the phrase “farm to table.” Using the best cultivation methods and seeds, BOHECO assists local farmers in crop production.

Hemp Foundation in Uttarakhand

The Hemp Foundation is focused on informing individuals about the long-term viability of Hemp and its potential to impact human lives and the environment positively. It realizes that India’s land has the potential to grow Hemp in virtually infinite amounts. Hemp Foundation is a well-known wholesale supplier of top-quality organic hemp seed oil and India’s main exporter of Himalayan hemp seeds. In Europe, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States, it has supplied large quantities of hemp textiles, hemp garments, hemp oil, and seeds to small and big retailers.


What are some startups using Hemp to fuel green India?

Some startups using Hemp to fuel green India include Hemp Cart, Hemp Horizons, Hemp Fabric Lab, Hempistry, HempCann Solutions, HempStreet, Vedi Herbals, B.E. Hemp India, Boheco, and Hemp Foundation.

What products do these hemp startups offer?

These hemp startups offer a wide range of products, including hemp-based textiles, paper products, construction materials, biofuels, personal care products, and medicinal and recreational cannabis products.

How are these hemp startups contributing to a greener India?

These hemp startups are contributing to a greener India by promoting the use of sustainable hemp products and reducing the reliance on non-renewable resources. They are also helping to create a new industry that can provide jobs and economic opportunities for farmers, entrepreneurs, and other stakeholders.

Are there any regulatory challenges for these hemp startups in India?

Yes, there are some regulatory challenges for hemp startups in India, as Hemp is still a controlled substance under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act. However, the government has recently taken steps to legalize and regulate the cultivation and processing of Hemp for industrial purposes, which is expected to create more opportunities for these startups.

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