5 Best home composting kits for green living

Prepare compost easily at home with these home composting kits.
produce compost from kitchen waste

Do you feel that dumping kitchen waste in a landfill is OK? Or have you ever felt that fruit peelings or stale food should be labelled as waste?

Then you need to know two things: first, your kitchen waste still has the potential to be fed to strays or to be converted into food for your plants. Second, be it organic or inorganic, no waste is good to be sent to landfills.

What you consider waste has the potential to be sold or repurposed.

Your non-bio scrap can be sold, but bio waste? Biodegradable kitchen waste can be used as feedstock for animals or can be made into compost.

Compost can easily be prepared at home without the use of any other equipment. But if you still feel the need to have a home composting kit, then here are a few suggestions that will make composting a loveable task for you.

Buy home composting Kit

To ease it out, you can check out these quick links based on your preference. And for a detailed review, scroll to the bottom to know what will be best for you.

Best home composter:  Generic 3 Tier Terracotta Home Composter

Budget friendly Home Composting kit: TrustBasket Trustbin – Indoor Compost bin

Good for beginners: Daily Dump Gobble Junior Aerobic Compost Kit

Good for small capacity: GreenTech Life Smart Bin Air

Good for large capacity: OWC Gaia 800 Compost Kit

home composting kit

If you want a composter that is environmentally friendly, inexpensive, and simple to use, this is the product for you. Unlike other plastic compost bins, Generic’s composter is made of terracotta, has no odor, and produces no waste water. This environmentally friendly product is ideal for a family of five. The compost will be ready for use within 4-6 weeks.

home composting kit

Trustbin is an indoor, budget-friendly compost bin, perfect for a small quantity of kitchen waste. It gives you compost as well as fertiliser for your plants. It does not give off any foul smell, hence it can be placed anywhere per your convenience.

Begin with a small capacity drum (set of 1) that is offered with a user manual and is budget-friendly as well.

home composting kit

Gobble gives you an easy and hassle-free way to prepare compost at your home. It is a 3-tier vertical stack composter, suitable for a family of 3. You can compost any type of kitchen waste, cooked or uncooked, within 4-6 weeks. The instructions and info sheet provided will guide you to get the best output.

It has 3 bins with a 20L capacity, which is perfect for a family of 6. The bins are offered with taps to extract fertilizer. As a suggestion, keep this bin somewhere out in the shade to avoid the foul smell from entering your kitchen or rooms. It takes 30–45 days to prepare the compost.

compost bin for society

Looking for a composting solution for your whole society? Then the daily dump offers Gaia Composter that can deal with 18 kg of waste per day and will be perfect for a whole society. You’ll be offered demos and training from Daily Dump’s team to learn the right usage. A composting cycle usually takes 3–4 weeks.

Home composting takes your sustainable lifestyle to a whole new level. Reduce the amount of waste entering landfills, let it be organic or inorganic. Seek out the best way to deal with your waste so that it doesn’t leave any impact on the planet.


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