Infinity Box: The startup providing eco-friendly food delivery packaging

This startup is aiming to create a circular economy for reusable and recyclable, environment-friendly food packaging containers.
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The pandemic has altered the way we used to live. Dine-in facilities kept shutting down during the pandemic, and people shifted more towards the comfort of ordering online. For odd-time meals or urgent food requirements, food delivery platforms have helped a lot to satisfy the needs of the common consumer. And this was evident when Zomato’s annual revenue doubled in 2020.

But this also led to an increase in single-use plastic cutlery waste. Single-use food packaging containers, cutlery, polybags, and tapes—this plastic waste has been neglected on a large scale. Zomato and Swiggy alone generate 25000 metric tonnes of plastic waste each month.

But every transition comes with a problem. And to deal with this issue better, Infinity Box was launched in 2019. Continue reading to know about this startup.

The concept behind the Infinity Box

Launched in 2019, Infinity Box aims to create a circular economy of reusable and recyclable, environment-friendly food packaging containers.

Quoted simply, “they work to replace single-use food delivery packaging with their reusable and recyclable containers, at no extra cost.”

The startup manufactures their own high-quality, leak-proof polypropylene containers, which are then used to pack the food and get it delivered to the customer. Following that, the empty container is collected from the customer based on one of four options:

  1. To be returned immediately.
  2. Schedule a pickup at a different time.
  3. Can return when the next order is received. 
  4. Can also choose to return to the yet-to-be patented smart bin.

The smart bin is a mechanised container collection bin. The customers can check the nearest availability of the bin via the app and deposit their containers.

Ensuring Disinfection

The containers come with a laser printer QR code, which is easy to track. And once the containers are collected, they are brought to partner kitchens where they are properly sterilized, following all the certified washing protocols.


Presently, they have partnered with Swiggy and MealSmith to provide their services. Their first pilot project ran at IIT Kharagpur, where they partnered with two nearby restaurants and reached up to 1000+ people. Their second pilot was in Gurgaon, where they reached up to 20,000+ people.

They began in 2019, but were hit by the pandemic. Presently, they are serving in four locations in Bengaluru and Mumbai.


The startup is aiming to partner with other food delivery services and also with meal subscription services. They are planning to test their product in large offices.

It is just the beginning; their end target is to serve as an alternative to single-use/ disposable packaging.

The difficulties

There has been a continuous concern regarding the hygiene associated with the reusing of these containers. Few customers have raised doubts related to the hygiene or proper cleaning of these containers.

Also, will customers be willing to pay if they charge extra for their services? Presently, customers are already charged high rates and delivery charges on online food delivery platforms. Extra charges for reusable packaging will reduce the interest of customers in opting for their service.

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