5 Online Startups where you can sell your scrap

Your scrap is not meant to settle into landfills. These 5 options are here where you can sell your scrap and earn money as well.
sell your scrap online

We generate waste, hand it over to garbage trucks, and complain about seeing piles of waste accumulating in landfills. Where did this all go wrong?

We dump mixed waste and heavily rely on other sectors to deal with it effectively. If we are the waste generators, then why don’t we take a step and make waste management an easy task?

The entire problem begins with the unsorted waste. Each waste type has to be dealt with differently. If we all start segregating our everyday household waste, then waste management won’t be a big challenge for this world.

Dealing with waste is not as difficult as you think. All you need to do is sort your waste according to its type and send it to the right place for recycling.

Know where you can sell your scrap

Begin by knowing your everyday waste. Start sorting bio, plastic, e-waste and other types of waste you have. Your bio-waste can be dealt with effectively at home only. For the rest of the waste, look for these places to sell your scrap in India:

1. Junkart

Founded in 2015, this startup accepts all your scrap. Ranging from air-conditioners to plastic bottles, you can sell them over to Junkart only.

Your scrap will be exchanged for a reasonable amount and will be paid to you via cash or in your wallet.

All you need to do is schedule a pickup on their website and they will assign a collector and take away your waste.

2. ScrapUncle

From your waste paper to scrap metals to plastic, a wide variety of products are acceptable on this platform. But they don’t accept toughened glass, wooden items, fabrics, ceramics or vehicle scrap.

Download their app, or schedule a pickup from their website to get rid of your scrap.

3. The Kabadiwala

Based out of Bhopal, The kabadivala envisions manufacturing used products into new products to promote recycling.

Begun by collecting household waste, The Kabadiwala now caters to small-to-large businesses, corporations, and institutions.

They also have a live tracking feature for you to know where your scrap goes.

4. Kabadixpress

This platform allows you to sell glass, metal, paper, plastic & electronic items in exchange for money.

You can schedule a pickup from Kabadixpress through their website or mobile app and schedule a free pickup. To get a lump-sum price, a pre-defined rate list is available on their website as well.

One can also donate the scrap instead of selling it, which is further utilised to contribute to various social activities.

5. Scrapvala

If you want to get rid of indisutrial metal waste then Scrapvala is the best option for you. They also deal with old transformers, e-waste, old machines and various other equipment types.

Check out their website and enquire to sell your specific waste type.

Switch to all the possible channels to reduce your waste going to landfills. Contribute to making a circular economy where your waste gets recycled and does not end up settling in landfills.


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