Top 5 eco-friendly & organic lip balms

The 5 brands that offer chemical-free and plastic-free lip balms for a sustainable personal care routine.
best eco friendly lip balms

Chapped or not, lips surely need continuous care. It’s not something you can choose to skip from your personal care routine. And when lip balm is such an important self-care product, then why not choose one that’s chemical free?

One definitely tends to consume the products applied on the lips. Now in this scenario, if it’s the chemicals that you are consuming, then you need to upgrade the products you have been using and look for alternatives that are safe for you.

And to ease out the process for you, we have compiled a list of five organic lip balms that are available in India.

The busy bee lip balm is made from all natural ingredients: beeswax, shea butter, organic almond and coconut oil. The ingredients are perfect to provide you with the required hydration.

The product is offered in a glass container, which you can re-use for storage purposes. And if not, you can return the container back and get good discounts on your next purchase.

Rustic Art’s lip balms are vegan, bio degradable, organic and cruelty-free. Made from all natural ingredients, the product is offered in a plastic-free packaging as well. You can avail the product in mint, strawberry, orange, grape and rose fragrances.

Another brand offering you the most sustainable lip balm option is Kamarkattu ecostore. Handmade and pigmented from all natural ingredients, their lip balm offers you the most eco-friendly option to root for. It’s made from Kokum butter and other selected organic ingredients, making it a 100% vegan option.

It is offered in a tin container that can be reused for other storage purposes.

Saltpetre’s lip balm is made from natural ingredients with added food grade colors and flavours. The product is offered in a wooden container along with completely biodegradable packing.

Despite being manufactured sustainably, this brand did not compromise on the quality of its product. Giving you the best moisturised results, a single application lasts for 3–4 hours. 

Made from all-natural butter and oils, Earthist offers you organic lip balms that can keep dryness at bay in winter. The product is offered in a tin container in plastic-free packaging. This product is made from beeswax, which might not be a suitable option for those practising veganism.

The complied list included all the 5 brands that offer you organic lip balm along with an added eco-friendly element.

The factors we considered while shortlisting these products were their ingredients and packaging options. Many brands are offering you the best organic lip balms, but keeping sustainability in mind, we have expanded our reach to plastic-free lip balms as well.

However, the glass or tin containers, if not taken back, will be left with you to re-use. If you are actually planning for a completely waste-free lip care routine, then make one at home with all the simple ingredients available to you.

Not only the moisture, but you can also achieve a perfect tint with your DIY lip balm and it can let you live a sustainable lifestyle.

If you know of any other brand that we have missed mentioning here, then do share it with us so that this entire community of change-makers can know about it.


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