Best 4 reusable makeup removal pads in India

Use-and-throw products are not sustainable, and the same goes for makeup wipes as well. Switch to reusable makeup removal pads that are affordable as well.
reusable makeup removal pad

Makeup removal at the end of the day might revive your skin, but what about the environment? Yes, you do use cotton cleaning pads, and cotton is biodegradable and a renewable resource. But is it really sustainable?

According to a report by the WWF, cotton cultivation severely degrades soil quality, and conventional cotton production involves the usage of harmful fertilisers and pesticides. Then the runoff from fields contaminates the water bodies as well.

But this is the case with conventional cotton only. Organic cotton is sustainable and a product of the green future.

To better deal with cotton products, we must first understand the importance of reusing rather than using and discarding.

Cotton makeup removal pads are good for your skin, so invest in reusable makeup removal pads that comfort you and nature as well.

For your sustainable makeup routine, we have found a few of the best reusable makeup removal pads in India.

Reusable Makeup removal pads available in India

1. Earth Rhythm

This multi-functional makeup removal pad is biodegradable and reusable. It is soft on skin, easy to use, and also offers efficient cleaning as well. Earth Rhythm’s makeup removal pads are made from organically cultivated cotton. For cleaning, wash them with vinegar and water or a mild, sustainable detergent.

2. Amala Earth

Amala Earth’s reusable makeup removal pads are 4-layered and made from high-quality bamboo cotton. You can use both sides of the pad to remove makeup. On the days when you have light makeup, you can just use 1 side of the pad to remove your makeup and can save the other side of the bamboo cotton pads for the next use.

3. Brown Living

Another company offering bamboo cotton pads, which can be reused up to 200 times is Brown Living. The wipes are offered in a cotton mesh bag. After use, simply place the pads in a cotton mesh bag and wash with your other light laundry at 40-60 °C.

4. Akiiko

Akiiko is inspired by Japanese minimalism and offers you affordable, yet reusable, and eco-friendly makeup cleaning pads. The makeup remover is made from 3 different fibers: cotton, bamboo, and a cotton-bamboo blend. You can also use these wipes for exfoliating and toning.


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