Tips to reuse food scraps effectively

Just because kitchen waste is biodegradable, it still isn’t meant for landfills. Know ways to reuse food scraps effectively.
reuse vegetable peel offs

India produces 1.15 lakh metric tons of solid waste per day. And we are highly dependent on government authorities to manage this waste without realising that this waste is difficult to deal with. But no worries—we can actually deal with our waste at the source only, rather than relying on others.

If we look at the kitchen waste, it is mostly biodegradable and can be managed effectively. Unused kitchen foods like vegetable and fruit peels or leftovers can be repurposed effectively. You can always choose to donate the excess food and prepare compost from the scrap.

But before you move on to prepare compost from it, look for ways listed here to reuse food scraps effectively.

Know how you can reuse food scraps

These easy and creative tips will help you repurpose what you actually name as “scrap”.

Fruits scraps

  1. A banana peel is the best food for your plant, simply toss them in the pot and let it provide nutrients to the soil. You can also rub them on the leaves to provide the shine. Alternatively, banana peel can also be used a teeth whitener. Rub it everyday on your teeth for two weeks to remove the stains.

  2. Apple peels can be used to apple cider vinegar or can be added to tea to make sweet apple tea.

  3. Citrus fruit peel offs like orange & lemon can act as a great cleaner for your house.

  4. Pickled watermelon rind or candied watermelon rind is the best way to reuse watermelon scraps.

  5. Papaya peel is great for your skin. Make paste from papaya peel, mix curd in it and apply this to your face. This mixture will help in reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.

Vegetable Scraps

  1. Ever tried making potato peel crisps? It is a great way to utilize potato scraps. You can also add potato peels to your plants. It is good for providing nutrients to soil.

  2. Onion peels can be used to dye fabric. And if you know onion tea is known to better good sleep, so you too can give it a try.

  3. Onion & garlic peels skins can be added to stews, soups, or stock to add extra nourishment.

  4. With tomato, carrots peels & broccoli’s green trunks you can make a delicious vegetable peel soup.

A green lifestyle is easy to adopt; only our choices need to be altered. Several more options could be available to reuse food scraps, but before thinking of dumping biodegradable waste in a bin, consider making compost out of it.