Sustainable Band-Aid: Ecofriendly alternative to your plastic bandage

Yes! Sustainable Band-Aids do exist. And you can buy them here.
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While trying to figure out and eliminate single-use plastics from our lives, we surely missed out on Band-Aids. Don’t they belong to the same use and throw category as well? Should we not look for sustainable Band-Aids and make them part of our sustainable routine?

Why Band-Aids aren’t ecofriendly?

The majority of adhesive bandages/band-aids are made from plastic that is difficult or nearly impossible to biodegrade. You may also find latex as an alternative to plastic or cotton-crepe band-aids, but both of these options are difficult to degrade or take time to degrade in natural conditions.

The adhesive used in bandages is commonly an acrylic polymer, which is again harmful to the environment. So overall, from fabrication to after-life, bandages are hazardous for the planet.

Does sustainable Band-Aid exist?

While I was looking for sustainable band-aids, I could not find many options available in the Indian market. But there was Patch’s biodegradable bandage, which serves us with a biodegradable and non-toxic alternative to plastic band-aids.

Their band-aids are made from 100% organic bamboo fibre with added coconut oil, aloe vera, and activated charcoal. Patch is an Australia-based company, which is now available in 41 countries worldwide. Their bandages are compostable, so you can easily compost them in your home composter.

You can shop for these Patch’s sustainable band-aids from their official website or from iHerb as well.

Economically, you can find these strips placed a bit higher. But as this field is yet to be developed, more sustainable materials or scaling can reduce the price. You can take a step ahead by choosing what’s right for this planet and for you.

If you know about other sustainable band-aid brands, then share it with us so that our eco-conscious community can become aware and switch to better.