13 Sustainable kitchen products for your green lifestyle

These sustainable kitchen products will let you stay away from harmful plastic and give you an eco-friendly kitchen.
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The kitchen is the heart of your home. And just like you are conscious about your heart, you should think about your kitchen as well.

A sustainable kitchen is not at all difficult. You just need to change your choices and a few habits that can help you go green in the kitchen.

The majority of the products that an average kitchen has are made from plastic. Now it’s time to switch to their sustainable alternates.

Sustainable Kitchen Products

Having a sustainable lifestyle is not difficult. You should only seek ways to reduce your carbon footprint, so that you leave a minimal impact on the environment.

And here for a sustainable kitchen, we have listed 13 products that are available in India and can contribute to your sustainable lifestyle.

1. Water bottles

sustainable kitchen products

Dump the plastic water bottles you have in your refrigerator. Not only is it non-biodegradable, but it is also not safe for your health. Plastic bottles last longer, but harmful chemicals and microplastics from them contaminate the water and enter your bloodstream.

Rather, you should opt for stainless steel, glass or bamboo bottles.

2. Storage containers

Never use plastic containers for storing hot or even cold food.

Choose glass or stainless steel containers. They last for life, are completely safe, and are also aesthetically pleasing.

3. Food wrap

Beewswax wraps are the perfect alternative to your cling wraps. You might prefer aluminium as the go-to material for food wrapping, but even aluminium requires certain conditions and facilities to degrade properly. 

Wraps made from organic cotton and beeswax are 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly.

4. Spatula

eco friendly kitchen products

Major Indian households might have steel ladles. Retain that if you have it, but if you are really in need of a new one, then you should go for wooden spatulas. It will not conduct heat and will also not scratch the surface of your pots.

5. Kitchen towel

Kitchen towels are something I really won’t suggest investing in. You can simply grab an old cotton t-shirt and upcycle it to make towels for the kitchen. It lasts longer, is easily washable and costs you nothing.

There are reusable bamboo rolls existing on the market, but they too have a life and, depending on manufacture, will last only certain washes.

6. Straws

With the banning of single-use plastic, the conventional plastic straws definitely need a replacement. And for that, you can have bamboo or steel straws. Bamboo straws biodegrade, but each use will increase the demand for new straws. A more sustainable option is to opt for steel straws that are reusable and easily washable.

7. Carry bags & trash bags

Plastic bags have a new replacement-the ones made from cornstarch. These bags are biodegradable and can easily be composted as well.

Let it be your grocery bag or trash bag; biodegradable bags made from cornstarch is the most suited option.

8. Dish Brushes

Sustainable dish brushes? Yes, they are made from bamboo and coconut fibers. This set of five eco-friendly brushes can handle all of your cleaning needs for dishes, bottles, straws, and pans. Grab one for you here.

9. Chopping board

When bamboo is the perfect alternate to plastic, then why go for plastic chopping boards? Bamboo chopping boards are environmentally friendly and non-toxic. It’s a perfect match for your sustainable kitchen.

10. Reusable coffee filter

Replace the disposable coffee filters with these cotton coffee filters. It is chemical free and can easily be washed and re-used. This might stain easily but is as good as new for your everyday usage.

11. Serving tissues

Bamboo-based napkins are perfect when looking for a sustainable option to paper tissues. Bamboo is a miracle material to support sustainability. Not only are these tissues, there are several other bamboo products that you should try for eco-friendly living.

12. Sustainable dish washing liquid

Usual dishwashing liquids are comprised of harmful chemicals. This not only harms your health but, upon seeping along with the drainage water, harms aquatic life also. Either switch to an eco-friendly dishwashing soap or, for more cost-saving, you can easily make one at your home.

13. Storage containers

For a sustainable option, reuse what you already have in your home. We usually buy items that are served in plastic containers and reuse them to prevent them from going to the landfill.

But if you are still willing to buy containers for yourself, then go for tin or glass containers as they can be reused and are long-lasting.

Before you target these listed products for sustainable kitchens, you should consider sorting kitchen waste as the first thing to start with. It’s important to segregate your organic and inorganic waste.

Organic waste should not be clubbed with other non-bio waste. You cannot control it, but you can use it to make compost or feed the peels from fruits and vegetables to animals. 

There can be more products for a sustainable kitchen apart from the ones listed here. If you know of any, then let us know so that our community of eco-conscious people can know about them.


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