Sustainable Oral Care products for zero waste dental hygiene

These Sustainable Oral Care products are one-stop solution for nature-conscious dental hygiene.
Sustainable oral care

A toothpaste tube may last for a month, and an average brush is used for 3 months. For an individual, this might be an immeasurable figure but at the global level this surely is a matter of concern.

1.5 billion toothpaste tubes and a billion plastic brushes are discarded each year worldwide. These products are non-recyclable and may take hundreds of years to decompose.

So, do we really need to compromise on dental care for a sustainable life?

Though eco-friendly alternatives to conventional, non-biodegradable oral care products have been in existence, just a little awareness is required.

To lessen your efforts, here we have compiled a list of all sustainable oral care products to cater to the needs of the inner eco-conscious you.

Sustainable Brush

Sustainable alternatives to plastic toothbrushes were introduced nearly a decade ago. And even today, it’s difficult to find these sustainable brushes in the departmental stores.

But with the increasing awareness about sustainability, sales of bamboo toothbrushes have seen an upsurge over the last two years.     

Though the majority of the bamboo brushes come with nylon bristles, we can still save a lot by replacing the plastic handle with a biodegradable bamboo handle.

A variety of brands like BambooIndia, Rusabl, Terrabrush offer bamboo brushes. But you can also opt for others as per the ease of availability.

Zero-waste toothpaste in India


The squeezable tubes are made from plastic and aluminum. Even before we could think of recycling it, we face the need to segregate these two materials. Segregation followed by recycling comes with a high cost, which results in the dumping of these tubes into landfills.

Big brands have announced the introduction of recyclable tubes, but these are yet to be seen in the stores today.

Then what’s the solution for sustainable toothpaste?

You can easily make chemical-free toothpaste at home. All that is required is:

  • Coconut Oil
  • Baking Soda
  • Bentonite Clay
  • Xylitol

Prepare the paste and use it as and when needed. Check here for detailed procedure.

If you want to opt for ready-to-use products, here are few sustainable toothpaste brands available in Indian market:

  1. Denttabs
  2. Bare necessities
  3. ReEarth
  4. Organic B

Read the review of these zero-waste toothpastes, and choose the one as per your needs.

Tongue Cleaner

sustainable tongue cleaner

Scraping off the debris from your tongue might be a part of your daily hygiene routine. For ages, tongue cleaners made from copper, tin, and brass have been used. And introducing plastic to the list didn’t offer any difference in the cleaning routine, but only a plus for the design and load on the environment.

For best results, tongue cleaners made from copper or stainless steel are recommended. Where copper possesses natural anti-bacterial properties, it gets tarnished easily as compared to one made from stainless steel or silver. Extra care and timely cleaning is required to deal with the oxidation.

Per your ease you can choose either a copper tongue cleaner or one made from stainless steel for a sustainable hygiene.


Flossing is very promising when it’s about cleaning the interdental surfaces. But the thread that’s made from plastic is surely a big NO for sustainable flossing. The leftover plastic threads are not only harming the environment but are dangerous for sea animals too.

Looking for sustainable options, I came across silk and bamboo threads. Though silk threads might bother you if you are vegan, threads made from bamboo fibre can be a good companion for your pearly whites.

Eco Vibe offers charcoal-infused bamboo floss, and it comes in a stainless steel dispenser. They claim it to be bio-degradable as well as compostable and that it is also free from harmful chemical coatings.

Another vegan floss is from Mother Earth, which is made from bamboo fibre and is covered with wax. It is compostable and bio-degradable as well and is offered in bamboo and glass dispensers.

If you are aiming to opt for silk floss, then BamboEarth offers compostable silk thread, but what concerns me the most is their packaging, which has plastic in it. Even if the floss is compostable, your overall purchase won’t be sustainable.

A healthy environment is as important as your healthy smile. An eco-friendly routine is not difficult to adapt to, just a little awareness and choosing the best will make your journey much easier.

We did our part in researching and delivering it to you. We expect you to make it reachable to your loved ones for a healthy smile and a sustainable tomorrow.


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