Best Sustainable Toys for Kids: A Comprehensive Guide

As parents, we all want the best for our children, including fun but also safe and sustainable toys. Sustainable toys are better for the environment and promote the values of responsibility and conservation in our children. In this article, we'll explore the top sustainable toys for kids, why sustainability matters, and how to choose the best toys for your child.

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Sustainability is a hot topic today, and it’s no surprise that parents are now considering the environmental impact of the toys they buy for their kids. Sustainable toys are made from eco-friendly materials and designed to last longer, reducing waste and minimizing environmental impact.

But sustainability is not just about the environment. It’s also about creating a better world for future generations and teaching our children the importance of being responsible, caring, and conscious of the environment. By buying sustainable toys, we teach our children these values and in still a sense of responsibility towards the planet.

The Benefits of Sustainable Toys for Kids

Sustainable toys offer many benefits for kids. Here are some of the top benefits:

Safe and Non-Toxic: Sustainable toys are made from natural or eco-friendly materials, so they don’t contain harmful chemicals or toxins that can harm your child’s health.

Durable: Sustainable toys are designed to last long, so they can be passed down to siblings or future generations, reducing waste.

Educational: Many sustainable toys are designed to promote learning and development, helping kids to develop creativity, problem-solving, and other important skills.

Fun: Sustainable toys are just as fun as traditional toys, but with the benefit of being eco-friendly and responsible.

Top Sustainable Toys for Kids

There are many sustainable toys available on the market today. Here are some of the top picks:

Wooden Toys

Wooden toys are a classic choice for sustainable toys. They are made from natural materials and are durable, safe, and fun. Wooden toys come in many shapes and sizes, from blocks and puzzles to vehicles and playsets.

Natural Fiber Toys

Natural fibre toys are made from cotton, wool, and bamboo. They are soft, safe, and eco-friendly, making them a great choice for babies and young children. Natural fibre toys include stuffed animals, blankets, and clothing.

Recycled Plastic Toys

Recycled plastic toys are made from plastic waste that has been processed and transformed into new toys. They are a great way to reduce waste and promote recycling. Recycled plastic toys come in many shapes and sizes, from building blocks to playsets.

(Though we don’t recommend buying plastic toys for kids even if they are made from recycled plastic.)

Eco-Friendly Building Blocks

Eco-friendly building blocks are made from bamboo, cork, and recycled plastic. They are durable, safe, and eco-friendly, making them a great choice for kids who love to build and create.

Musical Instruments

Musical instruments are a great way to promote creativity and learning. Sustainable musical instruments are made from natural or eco-friendly wood or bamboo. They come in many different shapes and sizes.

Art Supplies

Art supplies are a fun way to encourage creativity and expression in kids. Sustainable art supplies are made from eco-friendly materials like recycled paper and natural pigments. They include markers, crayons, paints, and more.

Outdoor Toys

Outdoor toys encourage kids to get outside and explore the world around them. Sustainable outdoor toys are made from eco-friendly materials like wood or recycled plastic. They include items like balls, frisbees, and gardening sets.

Ginger Tots

Uber-cute and quirky toys that are eco-friendly, sustainable, fair trade, and non-toxic are available at Ginger Tots, a conscious toy store. They have collections for children aged 12 and up. We’re confident that Ginger Tots won’t disappoint you if you’re looking for a brand that is suitable for your family, as well as the environment.

How to Choose the Best Sustainable Toys for Your Child

Choosing sustainable toys for your child can be overwhelming, especially with many options. Here are some things to consider when choosing the best sustainable toys for your child:


Look for toys made from natural or eco-friendly materials, such as wood, bamboo, natural fibers, or recycled plastic. Avoid toys made from materials harmful to the environment or your child’s health, such as PVC or BPA.


Choose toy companies to make with a commitment to sustainability and ethical manufacturing practices. Look for certifications like Fair Trade, Forest Stewardship Council, or Cradle to Cradle.


Look for toys that come in minimal packaging or packaging made from eco-friendly materials. Avoid toys that come in excessive plastic or packaging that is not recyclable.

Safety Standards

Ensure that the toys you choose meet safety standards for your child’s age group. Look for certifications like ASTM or EN71.


Sustainable toys are a great way to teach our children the values of responsibility, conservation, and caring for the environment. By choosing eco-friendly toys, we can create a better world for future generations and in still in our children the importance of sustainability. With so many great options available, there has never been a better time to choose sustainable toys for your child.


What are sustainable toys?

Sustainable toys are made from eco-friendly or natural materials, designed to last long, and promote values of responsibility and conservation.

Why are sustainable toys important?

Sustainable toys are important because they promote sustainability, responsibility, and conservation and create a better world for future generations.

Popular sustainable toy brands include Shumee Toys, Giggle Glory, ToyRoom, Ginger Tots, Friendly Toys, Eduspark.

Are sustainable toys more expensive?

Sustainable toys can be more expensive than traditional toys, but they are designed to last longer, reducing waste,  promoting sustainability in the long run and are safe for your kids as well.

How do I know if a toy is sustainable?

Look for toys made from eco-friendly materials, with minimal packaging, and certifications for sustainability and safety standards.

Where can I buy sustainable toys?

Sustainable toys can be found at specialty toy stores, eco-friendly stores, and online retailers like Amazon, BrownLiving, and AmlaEarth and also directly from the brand's website.

Are sustainable toys as durable as traditional toys?

Yes, sustainable toys are designed to be just as durable, if not more so, than traditional toys. Many are made from sturdy, eco-friendly materials that can withstand rough play.


Can sustainable toys are passed down to future generations?

Absolutely! Sustainable toys are often designed to last longer than traditional ones, making them great candidates for passing down to younger siblings, family members, or future generations.

Are sustainable toys only for young children?

No, sustainable toys come in many options for children of all ages. There are sustainable toy options for everyone, from building sets and puzzles for older kids to outdoor toys and art supplies for younger ones.

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