Where are sparrows?

Where are sparrows
Where are sparrows? why can't we find them very often now? Know here

Growing up with sparrows, I really never thought that one day I would be writing this: “Where are sparrows?” It makes my heart ache, remembering those soft chirps and the presence of these little brown creatures in my childhood. If you are here reading this, then I can assure you that you too might have some connection with those beautiful house sparrows.

Growing technologically advanced didn’t really mean that I would be searching for my childhood on Google now. Where are the sparrows? What factors made them endanger? Why didn’t sparrows evolve? Videos of sparrows in backyard?- Really, this is not something I wanted to live like.

If this is the case today, will it be Maynah tomorrow? Or parrots? Or doves? or Koels? And a crow? I seriously haven’t seen a crow in recent months!

Tag this development or invasion, we humans have really outgrown to be cruel and unconcerned about any single other creature.

Ok, let’s not sail the boat of emotions anymore, and let’s see what led to the destruction of this species and if we can really do something!

sparrows of india
Source: Facebook/nature forever

Today the house sparrow has a place on the “red list” of endangered species of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). But if you really look into India’s data, counting house sparrows wasn’t ever preferred. They were declining, but this was only noticed by common people, and no official document could support this fact.

Sharing space with humans

Sparrows have had the capacity to adjust to and thrive with humans and their starchy food. House sparrows could digest complex carbohydrates, and this was the main reason that these birds used to feed on the leftovers.

Researches on the decline in count

House sparrows have always been social birds, sharing comfortable spaces with humans. But as I already said, there aren’t enough researchers in India that could actually figure out what contributed to the decrease in their count.

You might find research from other countries, but Indian soil and habitat are different. Seeing the evolution since the 1990s, when the sparrow count started affecting, you really need to focus on the changes in Indian society to list out the major impactful factors.

The observation

To list out the factors that might have led to the reduction in count, we can focus on what sparrows as a species really needed to sustain. And those two main things are food and accommodation.

  1. Food for sparrows: As already stated, sparrows would feed on grains from houses, and in the breeding season, they used to feed on insects as well. But if you really notice, with the development, neither people offer enough grains to birds, nor are there any open lawns to lookout for insects. Even if there was any scope, pesticides and insecticides have played a major role in keeping insects at bay.
  2. Housing: These sparrows would make homes behind the lamps or the frames or somewhere in a more compact place in your house. But with present-day houses being more confined to keep birds at bay, sparrows have failed to look for a more relieving place to reside.

Apart from these two factors, mobile towers and automobile pollution have also been linked to the decline in their species. People believe that when these two technologies started to evolve, sparrow populations started to decline. There are theories that these technologies have impacted sparrows’ brains, reducing their tendency to remember their way and return to their nest. Alternatively, these techniques have resulted in eggshell thinning. But these claims are not backed by any scientific research and can’t be claimed to be right or wrong.

What are organisations doing?

Sparrows’s shelter , Save Sparrow Foundation, Save Our Sparrows, are several organizations are working to save sparrows. They distribute nests and educate people to save the birds.

Mohammed Dilawar, a scientist-conservationist, led the organisation “Nature Forever” to protect sparrows. And this led to March 20 being celebrated as “World Sparrow Day.”


how to save sparrows?

What can we do to save sparrows?


Isn’t this simple to list: give them nests, open areas, and food? And most importantly, create awareness.

The issue with humans is that they care the least for what they have and start worrying when they lose it.

So don’t just befriend sparrows; befriend every local species. Let them survive. Share food and space with them.

Save any other species from being tagged in red as an endangered species.

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