6 zero-waste cleaning tools for a sparkling home

Switch to all-natural, sustainable tools for eco-friendly cleaning. These zero-waste cleaning tools are the best alternatives to plastic ones.
zero-waste cleaning tools

We are conscious about keeping our home clean but in the process, do we even realize what we are offering to the planet? Maybe our disposed-off, non-biodegradable cleaning tools or microplastics that are washed off from these tools and we don’t even realize.

These microplastics are re-introduced through the food chain, and no matter how much we avoid it, we end up consuming plastic.

But what could be done for eco-friendly cleaning?

We bought what we found easily on the supermarket shelves, on websites, or what was being advertised to us.

But now we need to change our buying preferences so that we leave minimal impact on the environment and on our health too.

For a plastic-free cleaning, ditch the chemicals and go for toxin-free cleaning products and replace your non-biodegradable cleaning tools with natural ones.

I’ve figured out highly used cleaning tools and their green alternates that are easily available in India for an environment-friendly cleaning. These products are not only natural, but durable too.

1. Paper towel

Yes, paper towel is biodegradable but it comes with a cost: it is non-recyclable and because of high demand, it is contributing to deforestation and global warming. Paper towels can be easily replaced with reusable cotton cloths.

For a sustainable choice, make this cloth from old clothing that’s not wearable anymore.

2. Scrubbing Pad

Coconut Coir

A scouring pad, usually made of metal or plastic mesh, can be easily replaced with one made from natural coconut coir and will be light on your hands as well. Without even worrying about the cleaning efficiency, you can rely on this product to get the same results but without plastic or any other chemical.

You can dump old coconut coir into a compost bin once you feel the need to introduce a new scrub pad.

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3. Wooden brush

Next time you’re going to buy a cleaning brush, choose one that’s made from all biodegradable materials. Usually, this natural brush has a handle made from wood, and the bristle is made from natural coir. You can easily find one on Amazon.

This brush is lightweight and sturdy too. You can use this product for easy cleaning.

For a long life, keep this brush aligned in a way so that water gets drained out easily.

Wooden brush

4. Plastic containers

Though no natural option for a plastic bucket is available, but for a sustainable cleaning you can opt to reuse the old plastic buckets already available in your home.

I’m still using the 5-year-old paint buckets because what could be better than reusing them and keeping them out of landfills?

If you are in need of buying a new bucket, go for the stainless steel or aluminium ones. It can easily be recycled, but for you it will last a lifetime.

5. Cleaning brushes for bottles

Coir-bristled brushes with a wire handle are a perfect option for a natural bottle cleaner. Conventional bottle cleaners are made from plastic bristles and are non-biodegradable. The stainless steel wire handle can be easily recycled and is a good tool to be used for bottles.

6. Bio-degradable garbage bags

he plastic garbage bags we have been using are a major threat to the environment.

They are not recycled, nor do they degrade, but with time they get buried under the soil. They release toxic substances and take hundreds of years to decompose.

We have bio-degradable bags available that are made from all-natural products, pose no threat to the environment and can be easily found on Amazon.

These products won’t alter your cleaning routine, but just switching to them can have a great impact on the environment.

Not only the products listed above, you can figure out every other product you use in your home and look for the best green alternatives for it.

It will only be your smart decisions that will be able to change the future of this planet.


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